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Looking for places to visit in Europe?

It's an exciting destination filled with so much diversity, history, culture, incredible cities, wonderful beaches, road trip opportunities, delicious food and wine and seasonal experiences.

I (Caroline) explored Western Europe for 10 weeks in a camper van with 5 girlfriends when I lived in London. We had a blast!

Craig and I lived in Dublin for a year and we have traveled the UK quite extensively.

This was way before travel blogging, so we don't have a lot of content written personally by us.

Once COIVD eases and international travel becomes more of a reality, we will start to explore Europe more as a family. We welcome any tips and suggestions on this blog and our social channels.

We do have some fantastic content on the best things to do in many of the countries of Europe including travel costs, itinerary ideas, road trips, city guides and more thanks to wonderful writers who have contributed their stories and recommendations.

Scroll through to the region you are interested in and be sure to join our free VIP email community so you don't miss any of our upcoming content.


Here are our guides on two of our favorite cities, London and Dublin. They were written from the perspective of our time living there and some of the local secret's we discovered and things we loved about them!




FEATURED VIDEO: Adventures in Austria

Check out the extreme adventures Caz experienced on a short trip to Austria - mountain biking, Area 47 water sports and more. 


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