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Asia on your travel bucket list? We share our tips on countries in Asia including the best things to do, travel costs, itinerary ideas, and more.


12 Southeast Asia Attractions the kids will love

By Erin Bender | August 4, 2014

Noodles for breakfast, sailing pirate ships at lunch and putting out fires for dinner. What kid would not want to spend their holidays in Southeast Asia? For Australians, a visit to Southeast Asia is convenient. The […]

Flying Air Asia X review

Why We Will Never Fly Air Asia Again (long haul)

By Caroline Makepeace | February 7, 2013

We scoured the internet for the best flights to Thailand. Air Asia X, known as the budget airline, saved us $600. We decided to book. After all, $600 goes a LONG WAY in Thailand. It […]

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