Ho Chi Minh travel photography – Vietnam



For long, I have nurtured the desire to travel the world. In 2017, I have decided to quit my job to travel the world and booked a one way ticket to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

After having read several travel reviews on Ho Chi Minh, I was finally able to discover it myself. My experience has been really similar to the ones of travelers I have encountered along the road: It’s certainly not a top cultural destination and there is not really much to say about it.

However, I would say that the main takeaway of exploring the city is sensing its crazyness. Ho Chi MInh is about 20 times the size of Paris and counts 8m+ habitants. Despite being a good walker, several hours of walking did not even get me out of the first district. Well, I have reached district 2 after 4 hours.

There is litteraly life (and motorbikes) at any street corner. Pretty much anything you can think of is sold on the street: food, clothes, manufacturing pieces, domestic electrical, paintings and many more.

One highly paradoxal thing I have noticed and that is really similar with China (and probably some other countries in Asia) ; despite being the world factory, Asia is king in repairing stuff and giving it a second life.

The noise pollution and road crossing skills are things that you get used to after a couple of hours though. There is nothing better than being at a main crossing during peak hours and watching the infinite ballet of motorbikes. I have always wonder how they manage not to crash. (If you have no idea of what I have just said, just type Ho Chi MInh traffic on youtube)!
















3 thoughts on “Ho Chi Minh travel photography – Vietnam

  1. Amazing pictures! I love Ho chi minh city very much but I guess your pics deepened my live even more. It’s such a vibrant and lively place.
    Which lenses did you use to shoot the street scenes and the dude chilling on the motorbike?
    Keep it up. This blog has an amazing atmosphere and transfers a true representation of the places you visited.


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