Hanoi travel photography – Vietnam



Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and the second largest city after Ho Chi Minh. There are plenty of cultural places to visit around the old town: the imperial citadel, the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh or the temple of literature. However, this is not what makes Hanoi so special.

While I did not like much Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi is the real deal. The intense streetlife going on everywhere is the same as the one of Ho Chi Minh. I can’t explain why but the atmosphere is somehow different. The food specialities are crazy good and there are tones of street food restaurants where you can try these delicious cheap eats: Bun Bo Nam Bo and Bun Cha Ta!

Hanoi was my last destination in Vietnam before flying over Thailand. I loved the food and I loved the people. Plus, there is a lot of landscape variety across the whole country!















5 thoughts on “Hanoi travel photography – Vietnam

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  2. Really nicely done, thank you. Nice composition, depth of field, just what looks to me like a solid grasp of what makes a good photo. Could I share this with my readers next time I do something on Vietnam? Cheers, thanks, best to you.


    1. Hi Bill, thanks a lot for the kind words! Sure, go ahead. If street photography is what you are into, you can also check my other travel reports of Vietnam which feature a lot of street photographies (Sapa, Ho Chi Minh and so on)!


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