Koh Lanta travel photography – Thailand



Is Koh Lanta a nice and a cool place to spend time? Yes. Will you see amazing landscapes and beaches? No. That’s my opinion but keep in my mind I have been living my whole youth on the south east coast of France. It might affect my judgement!

However, I have been really enjoying how nice and welcoming locals are. There are tons of seafood restaurants and crazy good streetfoods across Koh Lanta. You should give a try to one of the streetfood in the main Saladan street. The girl cooks delicious fried and cheesy crab sandwiches.

Do rent a motorbike instead of a bicycle if you are planning to explore the whole island. I went for the last option and it was a struggle to cycle over 45kms with a number of slopes over 20%! Not forgetting that it was 30°C out there and that the bikes you can rent are not the one of the Tour de France…












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