Singapore travel guide


*These are indicative prices and are subject to change over times*




Capital: Singapore

Largest City: Singapore

Official language: English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil

Population: Over 5,6 millions as of 2016

Religion: Buddhism, Christianity, Atheist and Islam

Political system: Constitutional republic

Currency: Singapore Dollar

Time zone: UTC+8




Wet season: November to January

Best season to travel: February to April

Visa: It depends on your nationality. There is a 3-month exempt visa for most nationalities. Make sure to check out the latest info on the Immigration Website.

Hostel: Usually as cheap as 8€ to 12€ (9.5$ to 13.5$ USD) for a bed in a dorm. It does not make sense to recommend a hostel for each destination. Prices change on a daily basis. Make sure to check out the latest price on Booking, Agoda or Hostelworld.

Food: Usually as cheap as 1.5€ to 4€ (2.5$ to 3.5$ USD) for a basic streetfood meal (Fried rice, fried noodles and cheap food specials). Eating at the lower end means getting instant noodles from a small grocery store ; streetfood are slightly more expensive.

Food specials: Singapore is a blend of cultures. You can find any type of food you want. There is no such thing as food specials.

Transportation: I would highly recommend to use the undergound instead of buses. Buses do not give change back so you have to get the exact amount for each fare which is quite tricky. The underground infrastructure is well designed and serve most areas including the bus terminal and the airport.

Bargaining: Singapore is a developed country. There is no such thing as bargaining.

Budget: It is really tough to say. It all depends on your travel style. Knowing that you will not stay for weeks in Singapore, you can keep your daily budget as low as 15€ to 20€ a day (18$ USD to 24$ USD). This is assuming that you are not drinking alcohol since it is extremely expensive here.




English is one of the fourth official languages of Singapore.




GPS: An amazing offline GPS application that highlights hostel, food and even the tiniest hiking paths in your area ( )

Hostels: Use filters to sort out the cheapest price of the day. There is usually no need to book in advance. You might find cheaper accomodations on-site. In some remote areas, these are not advertised online. (Booking, Agoda, Hostelworld)

Currency converter: Highly useful for your first few days stepping in a new country (XE Currency, Easy Currency Converter)

Meeting people: Couchsurfing integrate a new ‘people around me’ feature. You will usually meet plenty of people at your hostel but it does happen sometines that you are the only one there. Tinder is not ‘only’ what you think! More and more people use it to meet locals or travelers to explore a destination (Couchsurfing, Tinder)

Money sharing: If traveling by group, Tricount is an amazing application for organizing group expenses (Tricount)




Backpack: Pack as light as you can. Ten kilos should be a maximum. You won’t need these 15 tshirts and 5 pairs of shoes, will you? Remember that you will carry all this weight on your shoulders. There is one more thing. Checking in with a carry-on luggage only is way cheaper!

Cash: Always keep a 50€ or 50$ USD banknote in your wallet. You never now what might happen. It can be really helful in case your credit card get blocked for a few days. Never ever wait to run out of cash before withdrawing in a local currency! Before leaving a country, try to get rid of coins and small banknotes. You won’t be able to exchange them later!

Toilet paper: Yeah, you can laugh at this one. However, be aware that most Asian countries do not use any. You better get one roll in your backpack!






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